Our present collection is the embodiment of the term “in between,”a tension between past and present, modern and eastern tradition.

We are always in search of the tension, the in-between state, that utopian moment, where space, objects, and people interact on a deeper level. A place where feelings flourish, fulfillment imminent, and satisfaction reached. This collection is an attempt to delve deeper into our root, the eastern culture that has raised us, infused with a modern twist.

We present our first collection in this catalogue, classified by rooms: living room, dining room, and bedroom. Our team of thoughtful designers takes today’s context into consideration, thus each piece serves a function relevant to contemporary lifestyle needs. 

Kayunara collection is made for those who want to fill their space with contemporary furniture pieces that nevertheless show a mature and timeless impression. 


Collection 2017


Collection 2017


Collection 2017