The 2018 Kayunara Collection, titled " Luxury Living", tries to define luxury design in the contemporary scene. The idea is to implement a new design approach for luxury furniture pieces not by merely using expensive material or delicate carving but through an atmospheric approach which respond to interior area, such as foyer, living, dining, and bedroom.

We interpret luxury as silence. It is unbounded by time. Style and trend changes, but luxury stays. It is unwavering, always there. It is not a mere exclusivity. It settles on the essence between human and place. The unspoken dialogue, the unseen interlocking emotion, the indescribable meaningful touch. 

The collection explores a more contemporary design language albeit still mixing west and east cultures. The design defies the mainstream trend that inclines towards light silhouette and natural finishes. Instead, the company strives to produce a novelty design that breaks the formula and tries find its roots and sporting abolder, braver, and timeless form. 


Collection 2018


Collection 2018


Collection 2018