Kayunara is derived from an Indonesian word “kayu,” means wood, and Sanskrit “nara,” means men or human. Our name reflects our philosophy on wood and men, which attain wisdom through time. As a man grows older, he becomes more mature and wiser. Likewise, as wood grows older, it becomes sturdier and more durable. The shared quality inspires us to create a furniture brand that shows maturity through time. To mature, one must learn from the past, live the present, and strive for the future.

Kayunara team is also a thinking room that presents modern and timeless furniture. Our furniture brings effortless elegance to your rooms and inspires people to pass it down through generations. We have our own workshop to allow us to experiment with materials and technique to create original breakthroughs. Made with thorough process and crafted with passion, our furniture offers good design that improves your life with a reasonable price. Kayunara is proud to say that all our designs are made in Indonesia by carefully chosen local craftsmen.